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For nearly forty years, we've been one of the world's leading stockists of Nao figures.  From the earliest days, they have been amongst our most popular ranges. Oddly enough, there's always been a rumour amongst collectors, which needs to be corrected. There is a similarity in style between some of the Nao figures and that of their 'big brother' brand, Lladro. Both collections are stylish and elegant. Each evokes emotions of affection' love or devotion. The two companies are certainly jointly owned. But there's a myth about the two brands - years ago, someone peddled the story that Nao figurines were made by apprentices from the Lladro factory; when they'd developed their skill, these apprentices would be  'promoted' to the City of Porcelain, as the factory is known. But of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The skills involved in the manufacture of both Lladro and Nao are equally demanding. Each brand needs the same amount of craftsmanship and skill at each stage production.

So - here's the lesson -  if you enjoy collecting and giving porcelain figures which are timeless and stylish in their appeal, ignore wild rumour!  When it comes to excellence of quality and design, there's nothing better than Nao.

Nao Figures


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