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the 200th anniversary of britain's greatest lAND VICTORY

June 18th 2015 marks 200 years since arguably the greatest land-battle victory in British history.  The battle took place near Waterloo in present-day Belgium.  It was a close-run affair, with victory only made possible by the tactical brilliance of the Duke of Wellington and the support of the Prussian army under the leadership of General Blucher.

Wellington's army was positioned across the Brussels road on the Mont-Saint-Jean escarpment and withstood repeated attacks by the French.  Then, late in the day, the Prussians arrived in force, breaking through Napoleon's right flank.  Wellington's army counter-attacked and drove the French army from the field in disarray.  Acknowledging defeat, Napoleon abdicated, eventually surrendering.  He was exiled to Saint Helena where he died in 1821.

We’re marking the bi-centenary of this famous military victory with a stunning pair of commemorative pieces.  These pieces have been exclusively commissioned by Peter Jones China.  Manufactured in the UK from the finest bone china, these two rare Limited Editions will be treasured by collectors of historical memorabilia for years to come.

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