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Russian brides

Your letter was a shock for me in the sense of such information about our ladies and very big happiness regarding stop of our collaboration!  Only Elena stays desirable person for me to contact with. Honestly! 
First, if this is the truth, I would be grateful to you for the exact facts... Not general information that as I understood, you love to use. To blame people you should have rights for it. And it would be interesting for me to know SUCH truth about my lady clients. If you could give it, we would investigate it.  Sure, if lady is a criminal, we would immediately delete her from our database because it is also my reputation and interest... 
So please provide the facts: 
1) who told you this? Client's name, social status. Is he mentally healthy? 
2) who of the ladies are criminal and prostitutes?
3) what is the resource where we would see it? 
4) which way did they get to these lists?
5) were there any court's documents to blame them? 
6) do the ladies know about it themselves? 
Until you give this information , every advocate , every lawyer say this is just gossips... someone told about someone... it is not worthy to discuss. 
And talking about successful partners that we have and work many years with , if they get some things to discuss with  us they give us facts.. whhom of the lady.. what problem... please, investigate... and we do  this to understand the case and make conclusions and appropriate actions. 
I have never expected such kind of letter from you. I was much better opinion about you, Antoine and Borislava, then you are showing you now. All this UNTIL getting the facts sounds  like very unprofessional, unethical, dirty way to work with people...I felt now like you came to us, got welcome visit, asked everything, knew everything and  lost "gabbage" after you in our's home... This is disgusting, unexpected, never faced before (thanks God) and making your bad in my eyes. 
You dare to say these dirty things about the people you even do not know personally, you never saw and never heard. 
I talked with my friends and colleagues from the USA and Australia working in the field of marriage and dating services, our partners,   also with people engaged in government security organisations  in the USA and Ukraine too and told them the whole story about you starting with your strange visit of our office etc, your spying questions etc.. All of them told this is complete nonsense and drivel. Security system of the government never works like that.  And I believe them  much more than you now.  
Also I talked with PROFESSIONAL psychologist with science degrees  and  she also said your type of intereference in life of people, advising to meet again if they did not feel chemistry, asking about intimate life etc... All of that have noting in common with normal psychology work when professional just coaching but never take responsibility for someone's life and life decisions. 
Your way of making 5  ladies furshet for ONE man ... it is not normal... not taking into account  woman's personality and her feelings. 
Making ladies to wait in nearby restaurants while man can refuse from the meeting... this is also not normal, without respect to a woman etc. 
In short ,I made sure, we are not meant to each other at all ) 
I am glad we stop here. 
If you have facts, please provide and we would proceed with them, and may be one day, I will be grateful to you. 
But UNTIL getting the facts, I am considering all of that just showing your real face... And in this case, I NEVER  want to  have ANY contact with you.. except Elena!!! 

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